Nissan Titan Lift Kit Pictures: Which One Do You Like Best?

Looking to lift your Nissan Titan but not sure which lift kit to buy? We’re here to help with that. Here, you can find pictures of each of the most popular options – 3-inch lift kit, 6-inch lift kit, and leveling kit – and a brief explanation of each one.

The main purpose of this post is to provide visual aid on different types of lift kits for Titans. If you’re looking for more information on the lift kit options, you might benefit from this article: How Much Should I Lift My Nissan Titan?

Leveling Kit

2inch lift

A leveling kit includes aluminum spacers to lengthen your front struts by 2 inches. This “levels out” your truck. When shopping for a leveling kit, it’s essential to look for spacers made with high-quality aluminum. For example, the spacers in Rough Country’s 2-Inch Suspension Leveling Kit are made of aircraft quality T6061 Billet aluminum.

3-Inch Lift

RC 3inch

Image Credit: Rough Country

A 3-inch lift kit is designed to make it easy for you to install spacers in the front and rear of your truck. The spacers in front are taller than those in the rear, so the truck is level when you are done. A good kit also includes extra parts to help keep your alignment in spec. This Rough Country 3-Inch Bolt-On Lift Kit includes upper control arms to keep your ball joints at a good angle after the spacers are installed.

6-Inch Lift

6inch lift

This 2014 Titan was fitted with a 6” rough country lift, 35x12.50x20 Mickey Thompson MTZP3 tires, 20x9 Helo wheels and N-Fab side bars.

A 6-inch lift clearly brings on an aggressive appearance, and it often requires a full tire and wheel upgrade. Some 6-inch lift kits, such as the Rough Country 6-Inch Lift Kit, are all-inclusive, meaning they include all the parts you need to lift your Titan safely while keeping your alignment in spec.