Silas Perry

Specialty: IFS suspension and front end alignment & repair
Time At Sams 4x4: Since 1995

Si joined us in 1995 and specializes in IFS suspension and front end alignment & repair. Folks bring their vehicles from all over the country to have Si fix their front end issues. Si is married with one daughter and spends his free time as an avid hunter as well as racing vintage Mopar hot rods.

John Guffey

Specialty: ALL mechanical skills
Time At Sams 4x4: Since 1984

John was the first employee at Sam’s hiring on in 1984. Other than a 4 year stretch in the Army as a tank main gunner (thank you for your service!), John has been here for over 30 years! He runs the shop for us and is proficient in ALL mechanical skills.  John is married with two children and when he’s not at Sam’s, he enjoys his place at the lake for fishing & relaxation.

Charlie Coatney

Specialty: Fabrication Expert
Time At Sams 4x4: Since 2008

Charlie came on board in 2008 and quickly established his place in the shop as an expert fabricator. If you can describe it, Charlie can build it. Married with one son, Charlie is an avid RC car & CB radio enthusiast.

Cole Whitaker

Time At Sams 4x4: Since 2015

The newest member of the shop, Cole started in 2015 and is steadily progressing in his abilities in the shop. Married with one daughter, Cole loves to spend time at the gun range.

Rick Franco

Specialty: West Store Manager
Time At Sams 4x4: Since 1987

Rick Franco has been with Sam’s since 1996, but bought his first Jeep in 1979.  Married with 2 fine boys, and seven even finer grandchildren, Rick stays busy just having fun with the kids.

Coby McGuire

Specialty: West Store Manager
Time At Sams 4x4: Since 2005

Coby McGuire joined the team in 1998, and has been “the guy at the counter” ever since.  Married with two kids, Coby enjoys off-roading, rebuilding old trucks, and just about anything outdoors.

Michael Franco

Specialty: South Store Manager
Time At Sams 4x4: Since 2005

Michael Franco manages the South store and handles Sam’s internet sales. He is married with four children and enjoys shooting, 4-wheeling, and watching his kids play sports.

Mike Cox

Specialty: Assistant Manager Sam's South
Time At Sams 4x4: Since 2010

Mike Cox was with Sam’s 4×4 from 1992-2007 and returned in 2016 to work in our South store. He has one daughter and enjoys axle tech fabrication, offroad racing, drag racing, hunting, fishing and camping.

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