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Looking to unleash your engine’s power with premium fuel injection parts? We’ve got the perfect 4x4 parts catalog for you. Here, you’ll find high performance fuel injection kits, air filters, and other fuel injection parts for Jeeps and other 4x4 vehicles.

Each offroad part available in our fuel injection catalog is made by the most reputable brands in the industry. They’re also built using advanced technology and rigorously tested in all kinds of harsh environments. When you order a performance part from Sam’s 4x4, you have the peace of mind that you’re getting the very best product on the market.

If you’re not sure which fuel injection parts are right for your 4x4 vehicle, please call or email us. Someone from our team of offroad enthusiasts and experts will assist you as soon as possible.

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Price: $6,400.00

Price: $99.91

Price: $1,395.37

Price: $1,449.32

Price: $1,459.95

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Price: $1,499.25

Item #: 60-1170
Condition: New
Price: $149.95

Item #: 60-1330
Condition: New
Price: $84.99

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Price: $199.89

Items 1-11 of 11