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The axles on your 4x4 make all the difference when it comes to performance while crawling and traversing the trails. If you're going to enjoy the offroad world, you need offroading parts that take you to the highest mountain or plow through a rushing river. 4x4 accessories, like your Jeep's axles, ensure that your wheels will take you where you want to go. Regular stock axles are made for regular street use and taking them offroad can cause them damage. Do a complete axle upgrade and take to the rocks with durable equipment built to take on the elements.

From driveshafts to lockout hubs, we carry the parts that meet your performance needs. Parts like a complete reman Dana 44 axle assembly for your Jeep or a lockout hub conversion kit for your DRW Dodge all improve your 4-wheel experience. Other parts that we offer include outer axles, stub axles and axle parts. Shop now for your 4x4 accessories.

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Performance - Axle - Armor
While cruising the hills and trails in your JK, your axles take a beating and can become damaged and compromised through that repeated jolting and jostling. Protect these vulnerable components...More Details »
Performance - Axle - Axle Parts
When it comes to performance, the axles on your 4x4 make a huge impact while you are riding the trails. In order to really enjoy taking your vehicle offroad, you need to equip it with 4x4 offroad...More Details »
Performance - Axle - Brakes
Performance - Axle - Caliper Brackets
Caliper brackets are among the most necessary 4x4 parts. Their purpose is to hold the calipers in place in order for the brakes to function properly. Offroad driving wears out the brake assembly...More Details »
Performance - Axle - Dana 44
Performance - Axle - Dana 60
At Sam’s 4x4, we are dedicated to helping you meet your 4x4 performance goals with high-end 4x4 parts. That’s why we carry Dana 60 axles and axle kits. The Dana 60 model is popular due...More Details »
Performance - Axle - Driveshaft
Your 4x4 vehicle’s driveshaft is arguably one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Sam’s 4x4 offers an array of high quality 4x4 performance parts to help you customize the...More Details »