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When it comes to performance, you keep your 4x4 in top condition. You never know when you may need it to give you an extra bit of power to get over a large boulder or make it the last few feet to the top of a steep incline. Like all mechanical vehicles, your 4x4 has parts that will wear out over time.

The steering is critical when navigating tight trails or following through on your approach angle. We have steering parts like driveshafts and stabilizers that will help you stay on track. Other offroad parts include axles, brakes, differentials and hub conversion kits. Our 4x4 performance parts include transfer cases.

No matter what type of part you need for your 4x4, Sam’s 4x4 can help. We have a staff of 4x4 experts who can answer any of your questions. We offer a large selection of quality parts. Shop here.

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Performance - Engine
Boost your engine’s power with our selection of top-of-the-line engine accessories. The fuel injection parts, fuel tanks, air box kits, modules, and other 4x4 parts designed for the...More Details »
Performance - Steering
If you’re looking for the best way to maneuver the street or track, we have you covered. With a large selection of steering 4x4 parts in our inventory, we most likely have the right one(s)...More Details »
Performance - Transfer Case

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